About Us

Vulcal embodies the rich and diverse tradition of Gujarat that is rooted in its culture, craft and community. It stands at an interesting intersection of local and global, traditional and innovative, classic and contemporary.



The name Vulcal in literal sense means “Vastra” in Sanskrit giving full justice to our mindful and personalized aesthetic. Each of our garment is curated with immense intricacy and detail, keeping in mind the patterns and contemporary silhouettes. With every product we create, we want you to savor each thread; each thought that goes into it. To embrace the intricate embroideries, traditional motifs, and timeless craftsmanship that pays homage to regional textiles and techniques. From traditional reds and maroons to playful pastels and bold jewel tones, we offer a spectrum of hues that resonate with different personalities and occasions. Every string strung together tells us a story of the Vulcal aesthetic put together to wash you over with love and joy.



Vulcal is all about its unique patterns, playful color combinations and versatile silhouettes. For us the process is as important as the product. Our story is a collective narrative of all the makers whose shared efforts culminate in a beautiful legacy. Our pieces are embroidered with immense intricacy by our team of artisans and craftsmen, of Kolkata, Gujarat, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh who weave the story of Vulcal. Each garment is carefully and slowly crafted in our studio in Vadodara with thoughtful details before it completes its journey in your wardrobe, ready to be a part of your story.



Vulcal is trying to grow into an ever changing world. It signals a shift from rapid consumption and disposal to ethical choices. At Vulcal we are mindful of our environmental impact and consciously strive towards reducing waste and devising eco-friendly methods of crafting our garments. We use up-cycling methods and reuse the waste fabrics and laces to create designer Chaniya Cholis and blouse. We mostly operate on a made-to-order model, eliminating typical inventory issues that lead to over production and wastage.



Being from India, we stay true to our indigenous roots and take pride in our ethnicity catering to the global consumer. Each piece of our collection is meticulously designed and conceptualized by keeping in mind the needs of the
customer and the ever changing trends in women’s fashion. Our designs are then transferred onto the luxurious looking, beautiful forms of fabrics- we only work with silk, cotton, hand block printed, banarasi, chanderi, organza and georgette fabric sourced from different parts of India. Unlike fast fashion, we believe in producing limited quantities and rather produce on orders to avoid wastage and excess productio.

While the material remains the essence of a dress, its color is its soul. We offer a wide range of color options which can cater the needs of a wide range of customers. From vibrant and bold color choices, we have garments that dances in the shades of pastels and earthy hues as well.



 Vulcal is the brainchild of Amita Patel, a fine art student from MSU. Her love for Indian crafts and textiles, timeless fashion, new patterns and sustainable design ideas found an expression in Vulcal. She creates beautiful designer chaniya cholis and intricately embroidered lehengas with her years of experience in the field of fashion. She creates soulful narratives through her work that evoke nostalgia and inspires thoughtfulness.